New to Bucharest? Useful tourist info

bucharest short advices

Well… I don’t know who the fuck’s gonna read this. But I honestly don’t care. It’s a friendly… actually very useful piece of info and advice: DON’T FUCKING EXPECT TO BE LIKE HOME! I surelly don’t want to be like it. I really love my city and I don’t want to be more like Berlin, London or Tokyo as a matter of fact. I fuckin’ love it the way that it is with the ups and downs, with the good people and the bad people. With the really good underground parties and the hipsterish events that only some people and their friends only think they’re good. With the crazy live acts and dj sets from the ones  that only think in their head that they sound anything near to … good.

Bad or brilliant, distastestful or fine art, whatever it is… it just is! So if it’s not home, sorry and cry me a river, but I’m glad it’s not. We have alot to learn, to improve and maybe finding our own path again. But the place has it’s own magic.

Man I did went up hills with the intro!

So basic rules: if you get shitfaced in a club and you fucking puke on someone in the bathroom and people help you out, just say: „Thanks!”. Saying something like: „I’m in Romania! I didn’t expect people to be nice” it’s just rude and it will not help you further in life. I don’t know what traumatizing experiences you had home, but people in Bucharest are genuinely nice and will kinda help out anyone who’s passed out. FOR THE AMAZING PRICE OF NOTHING IN RETURN!

Another smart tip and I think it applies all over the world: people actually know more than one foreign language and the chances that people will understand what are you saying, even if you speak in French, German or whatever, are pretty damn high.

Crowdsurfing is a good idea? Not at a techno party!

I’m actually writting this article at 9 in the morning on a Sunday laughing my ass off because of an amazing night in Control. I had this awesome t-shirt and now it has these puke stains from a half French, half Romanian girl who passed out drunk a couple of times.


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